Little Wing

Little Wing

Little Wing is one of Catriona’s most popular paintings. This iconic image is reproduced on cards by Art Cards Cornwall and is also available as a signed, limited edition giclee print.

This beautiful, enigmatic painting has inspired writers and musicians alike. It features on the cover of the album ‘Ordinary Day by the British singer/songwriter Stella Homewood.

The writer Caroline Coxonwrote the following poem inspired by Little Wing.

Little Wing – by Caroline Coxon


Dressed chestnut for autumn

Fallen angel

Floats in the air, between stillness and motion

Swept sideways, hair, nose, and shoulders

Insubstantial and substantial, both.

Dream of inception,

Dream of annihilation

The bird.


Vicious and comforting

Brooding black, pretty pastel-winged,


Thought of aggression

Thought of protection



Want for nothing.

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