Life Drawing & Painting Class

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Drawing from life provides the under pinning practice for all serious visual artists. If you are studying drawing the figure seriously, your non-figurative art will be stronger and have more substance. With this in mind we run a monthly life drawing class at the St John’s Parish Hall – otherwise known as the Meads Village Hall in upper Meads, Eastbourne.

The next class is on Sunday 22nd of April 2.30 – 5.30pm.

Some of our artists have been asking if they can paint rather than draw in the Life Class, so we’re going to introduce that option in the forthcoming class on Sunday April 22nd.  
The Class will be split into painters and drawers, but you can do both if you like.
As usual there will be two clothed models, male and female, however, one of the models will be dedicated to the painters and there will be one long pose throughout the afternoon.
All drawing materials will be provided – A2 drawing paper – white and coloured, drawing boards, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, pastels, chalks, 2B pencils and erasers.
The cost is £40. Places are limited. If you’d like to enrol contact Catriona or Roddy on 07758 367479