Craigievar School Paintings

Children at Craigievar Primary School in the North East of Scotland have been studying Catriona’s work with Art Specialist Jo Riley and the results are superb!

The children aged between 9 and 12 years old were asked to look at Catriona’s paintings and write a short piece about Catriona and her work. Then they chose a particular painting to work with a painted their own version using acrylics.The paintings were completed over three lessons and were displayed in the school along with copies of the originals.

“I’m always amazed by the standard of work produced by young artists.” said Catriona, “I find projects like Jo’s inspiring and motivating. Seeing my work recreated by such fresh talent is ultimately very moving. I feel my vision has been shared in a meaningful and beautifully optimistic way. It also helps me reflect on my own process in new and surprising ways.”

Here are the children’s beautiful interpretations of Catriona’s work.